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“Le plus grande désastre littéraire du XXI siècle.” Nostradamus. Roughly translated, this means, “One of the great 21st century comic novels.”
“...this novel is unique.” Dr Robert Rutherford, Editor, Journal of Vascular Surgery

Just Desserts was first published as “The Progressive Supper” in 2002 by a small publisher, which didn’t have any resources for promotion. At the time I was working twelve hours a day in the corporate world, so neither did I. Nevertheless, with the hero a vascular surgeon, the book was given an excellent review, “...this novel is unique”, by Dr Robert Rutherford, the distinguished editor of the world’s leading vascular surgery publication, the Journal of Vascular Surgery.

To give the book another chance, I’ve considerably improved it - the story moves faster in the opening chapters, and I’ve added some new jokes. The book was published as “Just Desserts” in June 2012. Read Chapter One here.

Anyone who spots the world’s best pun in Just Desserts may claim a drink from me (I thought of the pun many years before starting the story, in an Eastbourne office in 1982, and had to write a minor subplot just to accommodate it). For another almost equal quality and equally cryptic pun, the world’s second best, which I thought of early this century but I can’t remember exactly when, the reward will be a nice cup of tea.

It was good fun working with my Writersworld cover designer, Jag Lall on the cover design, bouncing around in Photoshop.


Taking the photos for the cover took ages; just acquiring the food involved several visits to several supermarkets, and I couldn’t find the cherries I’d planned to use. Isn’t it absurd that you can’t find fruit flown in six thousand miles from South Africa precisely when you want it! DSCF8006

Just Desserts Synopsis
Michael Tremayne: overworked surgeon, family man, too good for his own good. No wonder his spectacular wife Nancy is fed up with him. No wonder she is starting to drift towards the Louse, Martin Packman, radiologist, manipulator, career bounder. The Louse has well and truly shafted Michael in the politics of Marsham Hospital Trust. In this richly humorous novel, will he now succeed in shafting the alluring Nancy?

A perfect opportunity arises, a progressive supper for a Marsham social group. One partner from each household prepares either a starter, a main course or a dessert, and guests progress separately to different homes for each course. Everyone meets up at the end to share coffee and stories. Who’s been with whom? Who’s had what to eat? The Louse and Michael are both involved in the planning, and true to form, the Louse finagles the arrangements: Nancy will take her first course with him, against Michael’s wishes, plus Matthew and Marcia Dacey, the England football captain and his oversexed television-star wife.

Michael suspects the Louse of planning to sabotage his cooking, and he takes the opportunity to indulge
his darker side. Amid increasing tension the supper gets under way. Michael meets up with an inscrutable Nancy at dessert, and they make their way to the final party. The dénoument duly denoues. Michael’s feud with the Louse reaches a very public, very humiliating climax.

Where, on the final page, does this leave Nancy?

More Just Desserts Photos
And here are some Just Dessert photos… wait till you get into the wholesome text...


P1110586 - Version 2

P1110574 - Version 2
the pic that didn’t make it onto the cover