Sex and Drugs and Squash’n’Roll
A story about squash... and much more

ISBN: 978-0-9570979-0-2 for the paperback and 978-0-9570979-1-9 for the e-book; £11.99 - Buy it on Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords (read a sample on Smashwords), good bookshops, even bad bookshops, it’s that good

"I recommend this book not only to the entire squash community, but also anyone who wants to read a really entertaining novel which just happens to be about squash." Blogger, Will Gens - Review, see March 19th 2012 entry, ...Holden Caulfield

“…when I finally cracked the book, with its goofy cover art and its problematic typography, I have to confess I was a little dubious. It just didn't look like I was cracking open a first-rate yarn… But I'm ready to admit I can be wrong, and boy was I wrong about this… Sex and Drugs and Squash’n’Roll lives up to its billing… The author knows what he is writing about… Sometimes flat-out funny… also interesting detail about how to make it on the pro circuit… Plus… one of the worst mothers in recent literature, and a very deranged father…” The Squashist, see May 5th 2012 entry (I’m having trouble with this link - if it says it doesn’t exist, try clicking on the site’s Home button)

“Waddy writes with an assured, patient style and is able to create fully-rounded characters… the kind of book that you think about during the day, anticipating when you can get back to it at bedtime.” Jim Zug, Squash Player Magazine, August 2012

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S&D&SNR Synopsis
Teenager Jolyon Jacks comes of age in the man’s world of professional squash, on the worldwide ‘PSA’ tour. A chance game against a girl at school leads fifteen year old Jacks to Manchester, and the iron-hard, iron-willed coach, ‘Sailor’ McCann. Sailor wants Jolyon to abandon his rich private school education for full time squash. Jolyon opts for squash, goodbye school, in the process defying his domineering mother, who is implacably set on forcing her son to the top of the tennis tree. In a vindictive move his mother cuts him out of a vast trust fund. His grandfather says wait, we’ll change our mind, but only if you make it to world squash number one... by the age of twenty one!

Jolyon faces enormous hurdles in his quest, on court and off, many of his own making.
There is his wild attitude to the typical temptations faced by the testosteroned teen. What does every professional athlete need before a crucial match? A good night’s sleep. And what best interferes with a good night’s sleep? We all know the answer to that, Jolyon’s favourite pastime. What do you NOT find promoted in the World Anti-doping Agency manual? The dense, smoky atmosphere of the illegal rave. What is Jolyon’s next favourite pastime? Mixing music through megawatt sound systems... at illegal raves.

Sailor uncovers a freakish physical ability in his protégé. On court Jolyon is an all-conquering whirlwind. But physical ability is not enough. How does he deal with the sublime talent of the American, Julio ‘Razza’ Mattaz, who is taking squash to another level? How does he resist the machinations of another domineering parent, Frenchman Marcel Darnaud, father of Jolyon’s giant rival Armand? Finally, how does Jolyon cope with his longings for his training partner Zoë? World champion Zoë, whose interest in boys is far from certain.

The story storms through to the verge of Jolyon’s twenty first birthday, at the iconic Tournament of Champions in Grand Central Terminal, New York. Here his last chance is played out, off the court against dark forces, on the court against an overwhelming opponent.