A Club From Hell

Ted Gross runs the go-to squash web site, Daily Squash Report. Ted has been very kindly serialising Sex and Drugs and Squash’n’roll on the site for the last three months. I hope anyone who followed the story on the site was minded to pay for the Kindle version, or the full-cellulose paperback with its crisp, high quality pages!

Maybe to assuage the withdrawal symptoms of his readers now that S&D&SnR has EXPLODED to its conclusion, Ted has assembled a group of squash luminaries, and me, to produce a squash story in weekly chapters. The story is called, ‘A Club from Hell’.

Steve Cubbins, noted photographer and SquashSite entrepreneur completed the difficult task of the scene-setting first chapter. Steve is co-publishing the story on the SquashSite. Mick Joint introduced a number of tantalising threads in Chapter Two. I’ve just emailed Chapter Three to Ted, and I hope it’s left enough hooks for blogger and squash junkie Will Gens to restore order in Chapter Four!

Go to http://www.dailysquashreport.com/ or click on the link above to follow the story, every Thursday. You can read the background to it here.